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From the beginning on, the E-Learning Solutions have been developed with a clear goal: To be operable without familiarization. Among the fast learnability, another main focus is set on an ergonomic handling, which is not only efficient but also motivates your employees to master the trainings deposited in the system. This makes it easy to reach your professional development goals.

  • Increase your employees competencies

  • Establish equal states of knowledge

  • Minimize mistakes that arise from missing knowledge

  • Interdepartmental deployment of employees

  • Minimize costs through repeatable trainings

  • Train Employees, Sales Partners and Customers

  • Administrate employees entire training history

  • Clearly track states of knowledge

  • Finish mandatory trainings on time

Blindingly Easy Handling

An integrated wizard enables your employees to create trainings self-consistent without wasting time on familiarization. The comfortable operating concept was a focus from the beginning on and enables your employees to concentrate on essential tasks. The system automates recurrent tasks wherever possible. Trainings can be used by employees, customers and sales partners.


Diverse Media Formats

You can use many different media formats to enrich your trainings. Besides Video, Audio and Text formats, the System also supports interactive trainings on SCORM basis. Videos are transcoded in fitting sizes for PC, Tablet and Mobile phones automatically. This saves a lot of time on the one hand, while on the other hand guarantees an ideal view on every device.

Media diversity

Rights and Roles

Through a multilevel rights and roles concept, even complex company hierarchies can be mapped fast and accurately.


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